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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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news. good morning, welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. >> we have had about a week of rain and with mr. drizzle there is that low cloud deck and thick fog. everything stays to the north as far as rain goes, very mild conditions and 60s on the highs. here is a look at 237 in milpitas, those headlights are headed towards sunny veil and 880 towards the oakland coliseum, we have more on the roadways so far no delays, 449, let's head back to the desk. a car violently crashed into a fire hydrant.
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claudine wong has exclusive information on what handed out there. claudine? >> reporter: it started as a red light stop, the driver goes through a red light and keeps going until he gets to he is section and -- essex and folsom. i want to give you a look because you can see san francisco police are in the process of shutting down essex street. now the water has been shut off and we showed you that in the last half hour but there is a new problem. if we pan over here, take a look at the construction site. you can see the scaffolding is compromised with some of the metal beams going down. the firefighter said he is not sure if that is stable or if that structure is compromised so if they can get the construction guys out here to make sure that it's not about to fall, they have shut down this street and they don't know when it will reopen.
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let me show you video from when all of this happened because there was quite a mess out here. it was shotting an estimated 30 feet in the air and 50,000 gallons came out before they were able to shut it off. again it started with a driver running through a red light and that's what police are telling ktvu channel 2 morning news. it started when this driver tried to turn on to essex and folsom and crashed into that fire hydrant. we don't know the extent of his injuries but we have video of the driver sitting on the curb after the accident and we will try to show that to you in our next report. again if you take a lookout here, the problem now is the safety of that structure and this area which is very busy is going to be shut down. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. an a hit-and-run in san jose, we just received word
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that the victim has died from his injuries. the crash happened before 6:00 last night at the intersection of white in east san jose. the male victim was walking across the street when an suv ran into him. police believe the car sustained front end damage and coming up we will have live reports coming up. a house fire was a fatal fire and firefighters now say it was suspicious. christian captain was at the scene with the very latest details, good morning christian. and in the last 20 minutes, the cleanup crew that was here is just securing this location and you can see there is just a bunch of debris, the plywood is over the garage. they have discovered the body on the second floor of that home. the fire broke out shortly after 8:30 last night when
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crews arrived, they say smoke was pouring out and firefighters quickly contained that blaze and they discovered that body on the second floor. crews say the nature of this fire and the fact that they found this dead body found them investigating further. the fire burned to the floor and there is a little bit of suspicion which is why we have it under investigation. take a look up this street here. this is a very narrow street. you can see it is difficult to get access and firefighters say it was one of the difficulties which made it more difficult to maneuver up and down this street so they could affectively fight this fire. they managed to get it under control but upon discovering the body, and the way this fire was so involved so quickly, they certainly think there is some reason to be suspicious. we did put a call into
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investigators and we will tell you what they found and more on the identity of the person who passed away. for now christian captain, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have developing news about afghanistan. ahmed wali karzai is criticizing the united states during an interview with nbc news. he blamed united states with the insecurity of his country. he does not like the fact that hundreds of afghanistans are still be held. he informed president barack obama he would not sign any new security agreements with the u.s. until those prisoners are transferred to afghanistan authorities. they are looking into steep budget cuts. coming up at 5:15, the number of defense department jobs that could be lost right here in
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california if those automatic trigger cuts take affect. he really does not know if his wife is going to run for president in 2016. he is in the bay area and it is part of the colleges celebrity speaker series. answering a question from the audience, hillary rodham clinton is in great shape and has unbelievable stamina but needs to rest up before deciding what she wants to do next. she said she does not want to continue as hillary rodham clinton for president barack obama's second term. and in connection with the robberies at the toll booths, they broke the stories in february and at least two toll takers have been robbed on the bridge. they have been on the loose for months and chp said they would announce more information today. 505, lafayette officials say it will take a million
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dollars to fix a giant sinkhole. that huge hole opened during the major storm that hit us last sunday. a clogged storm drain added to the problems. they have set up a temporary channel but they are still searching for a pipe to make a more permanent fix. and stretch of highway one is closed this morning because of mud and rock slides. drivers and detours are being fired around just north of fort ross. they are expected to begin some time today and that stretch of highway will be closed until further notice. >> and in the south bay, crews are busy cleaning up more storm damage and in scott valley, it fell on a house and some others that are leaning. highway 17 has been reopened. but it was closed for three
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days after being washed out by heavy rain. they are talking about possible bomb measures to keep those roads maintained. stay with us for continuing coverage and you can always get up to the minute information on your mobile device. go to and look for the storm watch tab near the top of the page. of course we will have updates for you on twitter and facebook. yes we do. we get some much our best information from you, our viewer. 5:07 let's check in for tara who is in for sal castaneda today. i just want to mention, i have a twitter account, i saw you on there pam. we have to get you on board dave. anybody who wants to tell us about the road conditions you can always tweet us. we have headlights with folks headed onto the bay bridge and
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mcarthur maze, no delays there. at the bay bridge, you can see traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco at this hour and down on the south bay 280 in san jose, we have traffic flowing nicely in both directions and the taillights with northbound traffic is moving along in san francisco. >> we have some areas of low fog and clouds. i think with the foot of rain, the hills are saturated and we need a drying trend and that will be mr. drizzle but nothing too outrageous. in parts of the coast as well, there is unusually thick fog but it will not last. jetstream stays to the north and today and tomorrow, we will have areas of fog and the east bay is take the bulk of it as well. the pattern has changed and it is a dry forecast and we get rid of the rain as the north
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wind should take care of it. if not saturday morning, saturday afternoon, a very mild morning and everything has moved off, exit stage right. high pressure is building into the gulf of alaska. thick morning fog, a morning mist with drizzle and it does not look like much of a change as that wind should take care of the fog early next week. who wants to ban offshore drilling in northern california. we have an effort to protect a 50-mile stretch of the california coast. a massacre, a colorado movie theater is preparing to reopen. how they are preparing to come back after that tragedy, we will explain. traffic is moving nicely and we will take a look at the traffic moving along the
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now is 5:12. we have a story we first brought to you yesterday morning at 4:30. pamela mullins was shot near sacramento street. it is unclear if she was the
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target but so far no arrests have been made. colorado was the deadly scene of a shooting rampage a gunman opened fire during a midnight premier. 12 people were killed. the accused shooter is charged in the case. now the theater has been undergoing a remodel and will show free movies opening day. there is no word of any real progress show though, another republican said he is willing to break ranges with his party and -- ranks with his party and he could raise tax rates for upper income americans as part of a comprehensive plan to cut the federal deficit. they say they are looking for a
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way to save faces a they give in. and they are looking for billions of dollars in cuts as they prepare to go over that fiscal cliff. hundreds of thousands of the jobs all over california could be affected, allison? >> 135 government workers in california could lose their jobs if there is no deal on those spending cuts that kick in at the end of the month. they say not only to plan for the cuts but that has changed. they are preparing to slice about 10% of their budget. experts are looking at 135 defense employees could lose their jobs but experts say there is still time to reach a deal and avoid those major lawsuits. >> nobody wants to reach a deal more than i. i will be ready to
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sit down with the president and solve this. >> reporter: they could be hit the hardest and i will have more about it during my next update on ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are looking at grant money from the environmental protection agency. each student could be awarded a large sum of money. stanford's group wants to disinfect drinking water in bangladesh. in april they go to washington d.c. to prevent their work to a panel of scientists and the winner gets a second grant up to $90,000. local governments are asking the president to create a new no ocean drilling in a 50- mile area from sonoma to mendocino counties. they say it would stretch from
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bodega bay to point arena along the coast. the congressmen and women are spearheading the drive. dennis allen will be on the sidelines back with the team when the raiders host the denver broncos. allan returned here after spending time with his gravely ill father. his father died on tuesday at the age of 66. well before today's game, roger goodell will be speaking at a fan forum at oracle arena. season ticket holders were elected to be part of it. it will include former stanford john elway and some of the raiders grates, as well as howie long. they will take another step closer to finishing their new
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stadium. coming up, the signing ceremony that will mark a very special occasion. a beautiful commute so far, how is it looking? we have the on ramp not causing any problems but crews will have to get in there and get out that crash. this is down at the peninsular, and we have a look at the area with three lanes closed on 101 hills dale boulevard and it is slow going across the san mateo bridge. also in the dumbarton, we have construction eastbound so be aware of that and i am opening up shortly though. and we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, back down on the south bay, 880 split, you can see traffic looks good in all directions.
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here is steve. we have low cloud desk, there are other areas brandon and pacifica. man, it is thick here and there are some areas where fog is an issue and it is misty, fog sun, muggy, there is a lot of moisture in the area, we get a north wind that will scour that fog out, it will be an issue especially out in the valley and up above, there is no cloud deck to stop the sunshine. the pattern is changed and we are out of this rain which is a good thing. the hills are definitely saturated, clipping to the north, overall no biggy, everything is east of us and it looks like a cold pattern. the only change would be towards the weekend and the
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wind will pick up. by sunday into monday, it looks like a dry pattern, pam, dave? all the european markets are up and investors are reacting to the bank of america announcement and interests will move at their current levels. australia hong kong, all of them finished with losses. the weaker yen continues to benefit the exporters there. futures do indicate a lower opening this morning, maybe testing that 13,000 level but the dow jones industrial average was up yesterday at 13044 but the nasdaq lost ground yesterday. the cupertino business had its worst day in years. it is down more than 20% on the year and lists blame technical concerns, the global economy and today's court hearing in
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the battle against samsung for yesterday's drop. a gay blocker will be there because of a controversial photo, we will have more on what a judge has ordered. a new perfect fume that could make you hungry, we will have more on the fast food chain that is launching the product, stay tuned. ñsxóxgñ
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, a new jersey congressman is calling for tighter regulations after that derailment and chemical spill. they say they cannot regulate themselves and they say the crash released vinyl chloride into the air and forced many people from their homes. they will continue to collect and sort items. now the city said ash bury is going to shut down and workers say they have now been told to comply. he took a photo as he pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct and skott weaner was found inside a bathroom last
5:25 am
october. he criticizes him and that photo did not overstep any boundaries. >> we will be fighting this case and i think that despite the case, we are talking fundamentally about a gentleman out of sink. >> however, he said that photo was an invasion of privacy. he is due back in court january 27th. the event is called a topping out ceremony. construction crews will sign the steel beam at the highest point. santa clara mayor jamie matthews will take point. a popular area bakery will open a new store at the sunny veil shopping center. the first 100 people in line
5:26 am
will receive a free low for san francisco bread every day for an entire year. the harvest food bank will receive their first guest since they started in 1989. pizza hut just launched their own perfect fume which said to smell -- perfect fume which is said to smell like pizza with freshly baked dough. it is possible it could make it to store shelves here in the u.s. 5:25 is the time. i don't know if i want to walk around smelling bike pizza. >> i know, although a man's favorite smell is bacon. apple pie maybe, but pizza? i'm not sure about. we have some investigation work going on and if we take a
5:27 am
look at our maps, we have claudine wong heading down the investigation because of the integrity of a building which is in jeopardy. moving down to livermore, we have 580 and the eastbound direction at greenville road, we have some construction going on and it is slow going in the westbound direction. at the sunole grade, folks are headed away from fremont. 5:26 let's check in with steve. what is that perfect fume you have on, tara? >> can you smell it? >> i can. >> it's more of a floral scent. >> it is lovely. we have been busy here, pam for about a week, the low clouds and fog is still around and that's not going to be around but also inland and parts of the coast and the good
5:28 am
news, mild, muggy and highs in the #0s -- 60s, pam. >> thank you steve. 5:27 is the time right now, new information on the couple that went missing in the sierra. >> my dad -- that was my dad. >> what happened to them and how they were found, we will explain. live in san jose, peel are looking -- police are looking for the person responsible for a hit-and-run accident that turned deadly. the crash sentence of thousands of gallons of water into the air just hours ago. -- the crash sent thousands of gallons of water into the air just hours ago.
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. good morning, let's check in with steve. >> it has been a tough week. >> it has been fun, in fact the 7 to 10 day outlook has been foggy and up about 1,000 feet it will be mild with some sun, here is tara. and through the bay point area, you can see that steady
5:32 am
stream of lights sneaking back to the pittsburgh area and that the east shore freeway is there headed on to berkeley. let's head back to the desk. an attempted traffic stop ended in a watery mess. near folsom and essex, the street is still closed even though the water is off. claudine? >> reporter: the san francisco police department a has been asked to shut down the entire area while they get the area shut down. this is the essex on ramp to the bay bridge, fairly busy street as the morning commute gets underway but take a look to the side, there was actually a problem when it hit the
5:33 am
bottom of that scaffolding and they are worried the scaffolding is not secure and they certainly don't want it to fall on traffic so that is why they shut this down until somebody could come and take a look at it. this is what it looked like when the water was shooting in the air. they went to pull him over hit a fire hydrant shooting water 30 feet into the air. it took awhile to turn off to find the access point and 50,000 gallons of water came out before that water was turned off. the suspected dui driver has been taken away and we are not sure of the extent of his injuries. the police officer is okay and that investigation is underway.
5:34 am
that scaffold shall which is what they need looked at and until then they can't deem it is safe and they will have this area remain shut down. we will have more coming up in our next update, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. contra costa is now investigating what happened on the off ramp on concord avenue. there is a homeless camp in that area and they are expecting to release new information. it is a story we first told you about, the victim of a hit- and-run has now died. jeanine della vega says police are now searching for that driver. jeanine?
5:35 am
>> reporter: police have a vague description of the driver and people were out here investigating into winnie the pooh blanket a.m. police say he was hit by a dark van or suv. that vehicle did not stop and kept traveling southbound and the man was rushed to the hospital where he died late last night. people who live by say they saw the after math of the accident. >> all the cars were blocked last night, here. here. -- here. they are still looking for him, right? >> yes, i hope they catch him because i live right down the street. >> police are looking for any information about this
5:36 am
accident, the vehicle may have some damage. the speed limit which is well traveled is 35 miles per hour and we top know how for the man was traveling in that incident. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man and his girlfriend have been found and they were reported missing after the storms. they left to sacramento to drive through the sierra. they became stuck in the snow off of highway 88. reportedly clifton got out to get help and he died in the storm and when he didn't come back, miss lane left to try to find help.
5:37 am
her brother found her crawling on the side of 88 yesterday. here is video of clifton's daughter and niece and the family is remembering the type of man he was. >> my father would do anything, that was my dad, like monica said, everything about him was awesome. >> clifton was the father of three daughters. lane is being treated for hypothermia and is expected to make a full recovery. the dutches we want to talk to you and coming up, why the hospital is now apologizing to the royal family. this is new video of the people there smoking marijuana right under the space nato.
5:38 am
technically smoking marijuana in public is not legal. the feds are also reminding people that marijuana is not legal under federal law. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> it is also now legal for same sex couples to get married in the state of washington. they have been together 35 years. they have a marriage license. they and others lined up shortly after the governor approved the law yesterday afternoon. it is an unprecedented move after they decided to allow the order. it comes after they met the reforms to settle a police brutality scandal several years ago. >> once they could be at the
5:39 am
forefront in terms of constitutional policing and building and supporting and maintaining public trust... >> there are still critics who say the police were slow in meeting those reforms and they scalded on key officers and reported the use of force. we are where rain and mud did i areas sustained a -- muddy sustained a mudslide. it is north of fort ross. now in bodega bay there is also flooding and our cameras caught people trying drive through. it will be closed until further notice and drivers should allow extra time because of that detour. downed trees and in mill
5:40 am
valley, they took down power lines. in san francisco hill, a tree came crashing down but the home person to said the tree came want couple of feet of his head. fortunately nobody was hurt. you can get up to the minute infoation by downloading the app. look for the storm watch tab right near the top of our page and we have updates on twitter and facebook. we are all on there, look us up. you know last night. it made it hard to see and now we have some fog a long one of
5:41 am
our bridges. visibility is bad and traffic is flowing nicely in both direction and at the mcarthur maze those folks are head to the left towards 580, 880 and 980. all right, it is 5:40 let's check in with stephen kazmierczak. we have some very low -- let's check in with steve. we have some very low clouds and we have some sun on the mild side, we are starting off with 60 and upper 50s for others. storm is not over us and what is low, we really didn't get a strong wind shift. redwood city and mountain view, the rain, we are closing the
5:42 am
door here for seven to 10 days and high pressure will build out here and drive everything to the east of us and by the weekend it should take care of the fog. it is not just inland this time. there is very thick fog and it is a dry forecast into next week with that north wind. thick morning fog, not a lot. 60s on the temperatures, 65 gilroy and santa rosa, we will continue that theme but there is not enough cool air coming in. on saturday t- should chew up the fog, maybe cooler with a north wind. new questionable practices, the cars that cost you, the
5:43 am
taxpayer thousands of dollars. and john mcphee is arrested in guatemala, we will have more on what officials will do with him today. we have traffic moving well on the span, we have more coming up in just a minute. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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5:46 am
has now become a homicide investigation. the victim was hit while walking on white and quinby roads, he died later of those injuries. police are searching for a dark colored van or suv. and just hours ago, it caused this. 50,000 gallons of water are shooting up into the air. this happened during a traffic stop. the suspect tried to drive away from police. that water may also have compromised a building that is under construction right now at folsom and essex. overnight in egypt, five people were killed, more than 600 were injured. they fought battles and protesters were talking about sweeping new powers president mohamed morsi gave himself. the chief of staff will address the country later today and
5:47 am
will share some quote, important news. john mcafee could be deported back to belize today. police in belize want to question john mcafee about the shooting death of his neighbor. he filed for asylum -- asylum he said he left to escape persecution. the dutches of cambridge was released. here is new video. kate middleton there she is. she looks good and has been treated for severe morning sickness since monday. she is pregnant with her first child and she is less than 12 weeks left but she is going home. authorities are treating kate middleton and they are also saying they were sorry into being tricked into private
5:48 am
information about the death. she was vick miced -- victimized by -- victimized. the private nurse of the dutches ended up giving personal information about her. they are starting the next round of patent battles. they want to block electronic devices and they want to increase a 1 billion-dollar verdict for apple pat tents. both are trying to gain leverage in other countries. there is a new report that answers questions about state issued vehicles use by state lawmakers. the report said last year at least a dozen members had repairs on those cars and repairs were made just before lawmakers bought the vehicles
5:49 am
for their personal use. in most cases the work on the cars cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. the only state which had this program finally ended this program and they saw some abuse and they saw voters did not like the program, that it was a perk they could give up. starting this year, they are not issued cars any longer and instead they are paid a mileage rate. a new football coach is sunny dykes. he included road victories over illinois and virginia. he is replacing jeff who coached a 3 and 9 season. dykes by the way had some experience who is an offensive coordinator in arizona. even though it is still months away, there are allegations of cheating in the
5:50 am
america's cup yacht race. they accused oracle of spying. coming up in about 10 minutes, a protest lies and some reaction from the racing analysts. 5:49, back in for tara, how is it looking? >> everything looks good, i have a lot of green arrows and we did have some road construction along some bridges but that's wrapped up and your commute should be getting back to normal. you can see traffic is moving along nicely and in san francisco at this hour, the bay bridge toll plaza, it is starting to get backed up and we will not see it until 6:00 this morning. finally at the san mateo bridge, there is a little bit of rain there on our lense and it does appear our roadways are dry. there is fog along the span that the chp has let drivers know about, so be careful,
5:51 am
drive slowly. well, we do have some clouds around, four feet, up to 1,000 feet, everybody reports cloudy conditions. 8 miles per hour, yet fso has west of 18 and it does help stop the formation of thick fog even though there are a few areas that have it. it seems to be covering the spread, the pattern is changing and we are seeing goodbye, i think it is time we put a stop. that will allow a north wind and i think today, tonight and tomorrow morning, we will keep an eye for that fog popping up and there is something on the coast today. but it is a dry forecast and with that north wind, it should take care of most of that sun. a little midst out there, drizzle, nothing like what we
5:52 am
had the last couple of days, that is for sure and everybody will be really close. slightly warmer towards san jose, santa clara, everybody is 60 to 65 degrees. i think it is gone by the weekend, it is cooler due to the north wind but lots of sun. sounds good, thank you steve. the number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits dropped for the third time in a row. they announced 370,000 people who filed initial claims last week. that is down from the week before and it is lower than most economists forecasted. we will not be able to use ingram. it also rolled out web pages and now when you click on a link in a photo, you are directed to the web page to see the picture. this of course is a direct rival of twitter.
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. no rain, no drizzle, highs are in the 60s. more than 400 people missing after a deadly typhoon in the philippines. the storm killed at least 300 people.$♪ it also caused flooding and landslide and left a quarter of a million people with no homes. they are trying to reach some of the hardest hit areas and they are a still looking for food for the people who survived. there is no water damage for san francisco's tower and even the storm we had leaked into the monument over the weekend. crews are trying repair those leaks with plastic sheeting annual leaks and they are trying to steer water away from the murals. they will work to seal off the
5:57 am
building by the end of this month. crab bones remain at the docks. crabbers say brokers plan to drop the wholesale price from $3 a pound to a dollar 80. the price for the crabs has dropped so the prices have dropped as well. work behind the scenes competition has already started. an italian challenger is accusing them of spying. oracle broke protocol by taking up close images of the new zeal land yachts. they say the alleged transgressions are over blown and petters are -- competitors are constantly looking for an edge. we had an accident which
5:58 am
popped up at livermore in livermore at the 84 highway. we do have some road construction going on in the eastbound direction. you can see there is some backup westbound which is typical. southbound, as you make your way towards fremont, 5:57 let's head back to the desk. in our 6:00, a major new development, after a began president ahmed wali karzai is making comments making headlines. this water mess, what happened just hours ago? and we will talk about maybe a dryer forecast and a little bit warmer weather. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership.
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